This 12oz candle is exquisitely crafted from a heavy bottom Whiskey Tumbler and topped with your choice of either a bronze or black metal lid. Consider repurposing this beauty for some of your fine spirits!


All Wixscents candles are hand poured in small batches that are blended of renewable soy wax and premium fragrances, many with essential oils. These candles have a high concentration of fragrance that maximize the scent throw of every candle I craft. 

WHISKEY TUMBER | 12oz Candle

    • Wax volume: 12 oz.
    • Vessel material: Heavy Bottom Whiskey tumbler
    • Wick: 2 cotton braided wicks
    • Lid: Bronze or Black metal

    * Premium fragrance oils
    * Phthalate-free
    * Zinc/lead-free
    * Eco-friendly, burns clean and even
    * Soy wax
    * Beautifully boxed, ready to gift!