This spectacular hand crafted Northern Lights wood bowl candle is a perfect blend of soy wax and premium fragrance that is topped off with a sprinkle of crushed dried rose petal and buds.

Boasting 7 wicks and 60 ounces of PASSIONFLOWER AÇAÍ BERRY fragrance, this candle is almost too pretty to light! But you must light the Northern Light!

The wood bowl is 9.5” wide by 3.5” deep and has beautiful strains of emerald green woven through it that lend to this unique, one of a kind candle! It will glow beautifully, and burn clean and even as it compliments your home decor or makes for a beautiful gift.

Northern Lights Bowl: 60 oz.

Color: brown
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    • Approx. dimensions:
      • diamter: 9.5 in.
      • height: 3.5 in.
    • Approx. wax volume: 60 oz.
    • Vessel material: hand carved wood dough bowl
    • Wick: 7 cotton braided wicks
    • Lid: none


    * Premium fragrance oils
    * Phthalate-free
    * Zinc/lead-free
    * Fire retardant treated
    * Eco-friendly, burns clean and even
    * Soy wax
    * Uniquely different one of a kind