This elegant and understated HYGGE bowl is made of concrete that is surprisingly light weight and airy, and smooth to the touch. This triple wicked candle is well crafted, beautiful and sleek.  HYGGE - pronounced Hoo-Gah, is a Danish term that translates to coziness or spending good, slow, quality time with people you really feel good around. YES, those people who are genuinely authentic, friendly, and give you a good vibe. HOO-GAH!


All Wixscents candles are hand poured in small batches that are blended of renewable soy wax and premium fragrances, many with essential oils. These candles have a high concentration of fragrance that maximize the scent throw of every candle I craft.

HYGGE (Goo-Gah) Triple Wick | 13oz Bowl Candle

    • Wax volume: 13 oz.
    • Vessel material: Concrete 
    • Wick: 3 cotton braided wicks
    • Lid: Concrete

    * Premium fragrance oils
    * Phthalate-free
    * Zinc/lead-free
    * Eco-friendly, burns clean and even
    * Soy wax
    * Beautifully boxed, ready to gift!