This SNARKY-N-SASSY candle will probably offend someone…ohh well! Speak your mind….if you dare!

I hand pour all my candles in small batches. Blended of 100% American made renewable soy wax and premium fragrance oils, these candles have a high concentration of fragrance that maximizes the scent to fill your space with an exceptional aroma!

These candles come with a scent-specific sticker and are beautifully boxed to make for a special gift.

Classic Tumbler, Clear: 14 oz.

Color: clear
    • Approx. wax volume: 14 oz.
    • Vessel material: glass
    • Wick: 2 cotton braided wicks
    • Lid: sleek black plastic
    • Burn time: 65-70 hr. colorful glowing burn

    * Premium fragrance oils
    * Phthalate-free
    * Zinc/lead-free
    * Fire retardant treated
    * Eco-friendly, burns clean and even
    * Soy wax
    * Beautifully boxed, ready to gift!